Friday, March 23, 2007

My cool brother

I'm so excited about this - my brother Connor (see Chunkin's Blog) is starting to sit independently! So I can learn how to do it by watching him. Everyone's very excited at home about it. I'm also flipping over onto my tummy all the time now. It won't be long before I am crawling...

This photo was last week. Mommy had put me in my crib to play at oh-dark-hundred and when she came back to get me, I had wrestled the bear into submission, flipped over onto my stomach, and fallen asleep on him. Ha - vanquished bear!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Back to back...belly to belly!

Well, recently I was baptized, which has prompted Granny to call me "The Sanctified Dumpling". But even more recently, I decided to stop looking UP at the world all the time, and to start looking AT. Therefore, I proudly announce that I am rolling onto my tummy from my back all the time now! YAY ME!

Here's a picture of me (on said tummy) and my brother Connor. We are getting awfully good at posing together.