Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I can't believe Mommy never posted a smiley photo of me. Here's one. She's such a slacker...

So many new things!

It's been a while but here is a not-even-remotely complete list of all the new things I can do!

1. Last night I sat in what's called Prop Sitting position ALL BY MYSELF for almost 30 seconds! Ms. Megan, Connor's therapist says that should be happening at 6 months but I am only 4.5 months. Check me out. Mommy is going to take a picture tonight, and will post it as soon as she can.

2. I grab my feet! All the time - good thing I can't tickle myself.

3. I will push and pull at items to make the lights go or music play, depending on what toys I am playing with!

4. I have laughed some, although I'm not too much of a laugher yet. I have been very serious since I was born, so it doesn't surprise me.

5. I will roll from side to side on my back, especially when Mommy or Daddy is showing me something that I want to keep seeing!

6. When my Polar Bear is put on my chest, I will wrestle him into submission. Who says Polar Bears are intimidating?

7. And possibly the weirdest thing - when I am crying and Mommy can't pick me up, the one thing that consistently soothes me is Stephen Colbert. Seriously.