Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thanksgiving and other stuff

Wow, Thanksgiving is AWESOME. I don't remember it much from last year, but this year I had turkey, and stuffing, and mashed potatoes, and peas, and pie, and whipped cream, and then I had it all again the very next day!!! This is some incredible stuff. Why don't we do this EVERY weekend??

We went to Aunt Erin's at UVA, and I went for a walkabout on the Lawn (how that is different from my lawn, I have yet to understand) with Pop-pop. Here's a picture:
We also went to Aunt Kim's and saw all the Wrights and Sebrells. It was a lot of fun - and more Thanksgiving dinner. I have my first really bad cold now, but it isn't bothering me too much. I'm just letting my coughs come out and my nose run. It snowed at home this week too - we got about 4 inches (Mommy says so) but I haven't gone out to play in it yet. Something about getting too cold and it being bad for me. I hope it's still snowy tomorrow so Mommy and Daddy can take me out on the sled???